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House Paper

We use Lettra paper from Crane. It is specifically made for letterpress and is 100% recovered/recycled cotton. It’s cushiony, and allows for a beautiful, deep impression. Lettra is soft to the touch, it has a bright, crisp look that you only get from cotton papers. 

We are able to work with different papers depending on a client’s specific needs.



Edge painting is a simple but bold way to make your project stand out. It is especially unique to business cards, adding another detail that makes you distinct. Edge painting is a stunning addition to any letterpress project!

Inky offers edge painting in just about any color to fit your brand. 



Dip dye is a design element that will make your project stand out from the rest. This process also makes every single piece unique and perfectly compliments letterpress printing both in style and method.

Similarly to edge painting, we can create almost any color that works with your design.

For each of these processes, pricing will vary depending on the project. Send us an email and we can help you find the best paper and process to make your vision come to life!