Letterpress is a true craft. Every sheet of paper is hand-fed onto the platen of a vintage machine. It requires care and ensures that each and every piece of paper is a work of art. We start with thoughtful designs and quality materials to create gorgeous impressions that are “keepworthy”. We would love to work with you to put your beautiful ideas and designs onto paper, let’s chat.


Meeting + Brainstorm

This is just the beginning. We have you fill out a quick questionnaire to get an idea of your basic needs, then we will chat! We’ll take a look at your visuals and work out a final design. Timelines will depend on your unique situation and we are always excited to help you think through your process.

We recommend that you reach out at least two months before any time sensitive projects are due. This gives us enough time to make sure designs are perfect and it allows you plenty of time to get things sorted and sent out! We will also talk budget! All of this is to determine if Inky is the right fit for you and your needs! 


Pricing + Artwork

If you like what you’re hearing from us, we will move into the next phase which is pricing. There are so many variables to consider like quantity, style, colors and design. Once we have the artwork approved, or if you have your design already, we will map out an estimate and send it over. Once you approve everything, we will bill you a deposit and then we can get things printing!


Printing + Production

The average turnaround time is about 14 days from the time of artwork approval, but final deadlines will be unique to each project. A final invoice will be billed upon completion of your project. Your project will be shipped upon receipt of final payment!