Letterpress is small time, specialty, personal. It's hand crafted, by hands covered in ink. Every sheet of paper is hand-fed onto the platen of a vintage machine. The look and feel of letterpress is unmatched by any other printing method, thanks to deluxe paper and gorgeous impressions. Letterpress is certain to bring style to any print job. We love to turn your designs into letterpress goodness, let's chat.



Let's chat about your design and printing needs, shoot us an email at hello@inkypress.co. We will discuss your project ideas, budget and timeline. Visuals and examples are highly encouraged


Pricing depends on many factors, including quantity, style, colors and design needs. If you provide your own design, we will send you an estimate after reviewing your design. After your approval of the estimate and artwork, a deposit will be billed.


Turnaround time is typically 14 days from the time of artwork approval, but final deadlines will be unique to each project. All production methods are done by hand and require a personal touch. A final invoice will be billed upon completion of your project. Your project will be shipped upon receipt of final payment. 


Crane's Lettra is made for letterpress. It is 100% recovered cotton, cushiony, and allows for a beautiful, deep impression. Lettra is soft to the touch, it has a bright, crisp look that you only get from cotton papers.

Inky offers Cranes Lettra in 110# and 220# fluorescent white, standard sizes include A7, A6, A2, 4 bar and business cards, see our sizing guide. We also stock chipboard and black heavyweight chipboard, check out our samples to see our options.



Edge painting is a simple but bold way to make your project stand out. Most commonly used for business cards, edge painting is a stunning addition to any letterpress project.

Inky offers edge painting in just about any color to fit your brand. Send us an email for more information.



Dip dye is one of the most interesting ways to make your project stand out. Dip dye makes every single piece unique and perfectly compliments letterpress printing both in style and method.