Intro To Lettering

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After years of practice I've finally found my rhythm with hand lettering, and I'm ready to share my secrets! I've created Intro to Lettering as a stepping stone to creating your own style of lettering.

I find benefits in using both Procreate on the iPad Pro as well as a traditional pen and paper. There is no right way to go about this! This guide is perfect to print out for practice, or load into Procreate to use with your Apple Pencil.

What's included:

  • 1 lettered alphabet
  • 7 words/short phrases
  • 2 long phrases
  • My thoughts on lettering with Procreate vs. traditional methods

Good to know:

You will need to unzip the file after it is downloaded. This can be done easiest from a desktop, or with an unzip app on an iPad. Once the file is unzipped you can import the PNG's to Procreate as your canvas.

You may print multiple copies of the workbook for practice, but please do not share these files. If anyone you know would love to learn along please send them here to purchase their copy!

Due to the nature of this item no refund of cancellation can be issued.