Meaghan Brianne

Let’s talk about these business cards that you guys are going wild for on IG! Meaghan was absolutely lovely to work with and the best part is her husband is a designer and he created these incredibly detailed cards for her.

Meaghans business cards are edge painted with a custom blush pink color. We also did a custom Pantone color for both colors of ink- lots of color matching going on here! The mustard color was used for her name on the front and that tiny illustration on the back. This illustration really got me, it’s so freakin cute! I had a hard time recycling the test prints that got that little mark. We combined the illustration with her info and tag line in grey. The front side has her name in the mustard color and is finished with a blind pass of a floral illustration. 

I adore Meaghan and her photography is incredible- be sure to check it out at

Some technical things to note for your information- each card went through the press 4 times. Every color is a pass on the press and obviously one side at a time. I started with grey, did mustard on the backside, mustard on the front side and then the blind pass. That’s 400 times the press cycled through for just 100 cards! Handmade is hard work. 

Chelsea Cuykendall